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The Social Media Agency in Kenya

Social Media Management means managing all of your social media profiles in an integrated manner.

It includes continuous updates about your brand and most importantly, the interaction with your customer or audience.

Every brand has a personality. A compelling and evocative brand personality will help you establish a deep connection with your audience.

Delivering Top - Notch Social Media Campaigns

Lars Cooper works closely with your team to understand your brand’s unique personality and ensure the best strategy to communicate it.

That is to say, we do not follow a “one size fits all approach” with our clients. On the other hand, we create and implement thoughtful campaigns.

Certainly, we understand that social media management isn’t just about helping clients position their products. It is about helping our clients leverage the value of their brand to help further interest, reputation, and revenue.

Most importantly, we pinpoint the issues your audience cares about most. After that, we help you speak to their hearts and minds while strengthening your reputation and furthering your cause.

Engaging your audience

Make a Strong first Impression

An impressive brand reputation gets you one foot through the door. If you have a service company, then prospective clients are much more likely to partner with you or hire your services, knowing that you have an outstanding brand reputation for delivering results.

Counter Misinformation

Removing negative reviews and bad images associated with your brand, regardless of the source, are the top priority of Lars Coopers' Brand Management Strategy. We develop a brand-specific digital-defense strategy and implement it to not only combat the potential existing negative attacks but also, more importantly, to cleanse and remove any future occurrences before they spread.

Tell your brand story

Through our unique mix of creatives, we design strategies to tell your story through digital campaigns, across all platforms.

Build Your Business Image with A TOP Corporate Management Services

Experts In Brand Management

We make your brand sound like it has existed forever by creating stories that get your brand a great deal of attention from all relevant press. In addition, we combine technology intelligently to generate global recognition and deliver local results.

Therefore, when we tell your story, we ensure your jaw drops in awe.

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Social Media Management Services



Sometimes corporates can garner negative comments & publicity online. We understand that! Our experts will clean up the mess & defend against future attacks on your online reputation. We ensure your business continues to shine brightly in Search Engines and Social Media.


Tell your brand’s story from a smart point of view to the right audience, and consistently carry this across all mediums and touchpoints. Establish and maintain your brand’s foothold with an approach that’s more effective and less frustrating. More cohesive and less confusing. More efficient and less expensive.

Law Firms

Legal practice is so competitive, and only a partnership built on trust delivers the type of results you need to thrive. At Lars Cooper, we believe in developing real relationships with our clients and delivering solutions that address their legal practice. We're your resource to always stay ahead of the game.

Medical Practices

As a dentist, chiropractor, plastic surgeon, doctor, or another medical professional, your time is best spent delivering the ideal experience for your patients. While you focus on what matters most, we will offer an all-inclusive solution to get more of the right patients through your doors by pushing your practice to the next level. From SEO and PPC to stunning web design and on-point branding, your online presence will have the power to foster growth like never before.

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